Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants are a crucial part of every inpatient team and are a hallmark of the innovative, resident-responsive pediatric residency program here at the University of Michigan.  Resident Assistants optimize resident learning by taking responsibility for a huge number of administrative tasks that traditionally were assigned to residents.  Residents, therefore, are able to spend more time on direct patient care and education.

Resident Assistants keep rounds running smoothly, schedule patients for follow-up appointments, obtain and follow lab results and medical records from referring institutions, call pharmacies and send in prescriptions, obtain radiology studies and place them into our computer system, ensure families have appropriate discharge planning, coordinate specialty nursing escorts for our patients, and much more.  These are no small tasks!

Beyond all of this, Resident Assistants serve as moral support for our residents and have become an important part of our residency family. We love them and remain continually thankful for their help and assistance.