Program Benefits

Resident Assistants:

Resident assistants are integral members of each of our inpatient teams. They obtain records from referring institutions, coordinate studies and procedures among multiple specialties, schedule follow-up appointments and function to improve the work-flow of residents.

House Officer Association (HOA):

The University of Michigan House Officer Association is a resident run organization that strives to both improve the working conditions for house officers and advance patient care. The HOA collectively bargains for competitive resident salaries and benefits including disability coverage, mental health programs, as well as dental and medical insurance.  Visit the HOA Website!


Residents are allotted 4 weeks of vacation per academic year. During the holiday season, they receive an additional 5 days off.

Educational Funds:

Each resident is awarded $500 for books, software, and other educational expenses. Financial support is also provided for residents when presenting at national academic conferences (an additional $500) To encourage continued learning, meals are provided for residents at the program’s conferences at 8 am and noon every weekday!


Resident salaries across the institution are negotiated by the HOA. With a relatively low cost of living in Ann Arbor and highly competitive salaries, many residents have even been able to pay their student loans! In addition, resident salaries increase per year and each resident is awarded a “lump sum” payment in the fall to encourage savings. Finally, residents are given additional holiday pay for working on their birthdays and major holidays!

House Officer Salary Schedule for July 2012 through June 2017

 FY 13FY 14FY 15FY 16FY 17
HO I50,52651,84052,61853,40754,208
HO II53,22854,61255,45856,31857,191
HO III55,97257,42858,34759,28160,229
HO IV58,82060,34961,34562,35763,386
HO V61,73263,33764,41465,50966,623
HO VI64,77166,45567,61868,80170,005
HO VII67,89369,65970,91372,18973,488
HO VIII70,76972,89274,24175,61477,013

House Officer Lump Sum Payment Schedule for July 2012 through June 2017

 FY 13FY 14FY 15FY 16FY 17
HO I3,5373,6293,6833,7383,795
HO II3,7263,8233,8823,9424,003
HO III4,7584,0204,0844,1504,216
HO IV5,1764,7074,2944,3654,437
HO V5,4945,2574,7674,5864,664
HO VI5,8945,7155,2744,8164,900
HO VII6,1786,2005,7445,3425,144
HO VIII6,5116,6336,2365,7845,391