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Resident Testimonials 

 Dr. Felicia Tsaur:

"In April 2015, I spend a month in the Indian Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh through the Himalayan Health Exchange.  

Our team set up clinics in village centers, monasteries, Tibetan settlements and orphanages and provided primary care to the local population.  We took care of villagers of all ages, and learned a great deal about the Himalayan way of life and culture.  We also spent a great deal of time camping, trekking and exploring the beautiful mountains.  It was truly a once in a lifetime experience!"

Dr. Natalie Schellpfeffer - 

"While on a month long rotation in Nicaragua, I worked with co-residents, medical students, nurses, attending's, 
interpreters, and pharmacy staff to help provide routine preventive well child and urgent care to pediatric patients.  
Our work was coordinated with Hope Clinic International and its established, year-round clinic called "Tim's Clinic" 
in Esteli, Nicaragua.  We also went out on daily trips to various barrios, or rural mountain communities, to provide 
care to those who could not receive it to due location and lack of transportation.  In addition to our direct clinical work,
we worked with the local team of Tim's Clinic to assess and improve their educational materials for asthma, 
parasitic infections, safety and injury prevention for the community."

Dr. Jennifer Foster

"I spent the month of July 2015 working at the Mayan Medical Aid clinic that is in Santa Cruz La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. This free clinic serves approximately 5,000 indigenous Mayans who live in small villages around the lake. Many of these people do not have access to running water or electricity, and they have to walk for hours and take a small boat to get to the clinic. The experience was extremely valuable because I was able to see how medicine is practiced in a resource-limited setting, practice my medical Spanish, treat people with disease-processes that I have never encountered before, learn about the culture of the Mayan people, and live in an incredible setting for a month. Getting to know some of the children and families in the community was the best part - and it was an experience that will stick with me forever."