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Pediatric Global Health Initiative 

At the University of Michigan Pediatric Residency program, we believe that global health opportunities, both local and abroad, contribute to the development of socially-conscious, well-rounded resident pediatricians. Residents have multiple opportunities to be exposed to global health and participate in global health opportunities. 

All Pediatric Residents are exposed to a Core Curriculum addressing fundamental topics in global health. These lectures are integrated into our regular morning and noon conference schedule. They cover a range of topics including: Tropical Dermatology, International Neonatal/Maternal Health, Diarrhea and Dehydration Management in Low Resource Settings, and Treatment of Neonatal and Pediatric HIV/AIDS.

Residents can elect to participate in an international elective, choosing between University of Michigan affiliated and third-party resident-selected sites. Our residents have rotated abroad in many countries, including Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Ghana, Egypt, India, Colombia, Malawi and Tanzania.  See our Resident Testimonials for more information and pictures.

In addition, a hospital-wide initiative seeking to strengthen Michigan’s residency-wide global health program developed a specific Global Health and Disparities Curriculum with a monthly lecture series open to all residents. 

Finally, residents can elect to participate in the Global Health and Health Disparities Area of Concentration. Residents will participate in the hospital-wide lecture series, an international elective rotation and also have the opportunity to have faculty mentorship in global health. 

Faculty Members involved with International Opportunities open to resident participation:

  • Dr. David Bradley, Pediatric Cardiology, Gabon
  • Dr. Andrew Campbell, Sickle Cell Research, Ghana
  • Dr. Yolaine Civil, Doctors Without Borders, Africa
  • Dr. Debbie Gibson, Nephrotic Syndrome Research, India
  • Dr. Pat Gibson, Nephrology Education, Kenya
  • Dr. Grifka, Healing the Children, USA
  • Dr. Kevin Kuo, Project Shunt, Guatemala
  • Dr. Jimmy Lu, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Uganda
  • Dr. Rajen Mody, Jivdaya Foundation, India
  • Dr. Stephen Park, Hope International, Nicaragua
  • Dr. Jocelyn Schiller, Hope International, Nicaragua
  • Dr. Kate Stanley, Milk Bank, Brazil
  • Dr. Catherine Webb, Congenital Heart Disease, Kenya