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Michigan Pediatrics Advocacy Collaborative Team

Michigan Pediatrics Advocacy Collaborative Team, affectionately known as MPACT, is a resident led initiative focused on addressing health disparities, lobbying for pediatric public policy issues, and advocating for children throughout the state of Michigan. The mission of MPACT is to educate pediatrics residents on the needs of our patient population, and be a voice for all of our “little victors” in the political arena.  Children do not have the right to vote, so as pediatricians we have a duty to protect them, stand up for their medical and public health needs, and educate our legislators.  

MPACT has three primary objectives:

  1. Evaluate current resources available in our community, including the surrounding counties which we support through our resident clinics.
  2. Encourage thoughtful decision making and patient counseling, with specific examples and provision of resources and supplementary toolkits.
  3. Continue to be a loud voice for the children of Michigan in the political public arena.
To learn more, head over to MPACT's webpage!