Areas of Concentration

The University of Michigan Department of Pediatrics wants our residents to develop into fantastic general pediatricians with training that also lies a strong foundation for a career in any area within Pediatrics.  Areas of Concentration within the residency program will enable our residents to develop specific knowledge and skills in a focused area.  The additional graduated experiences will add confidence and leadership skills to our residents’ repertoire, giving them phenomenal exposure and training that will allow them to be leaders in Pediatrics immediately after graduating.

Since 2013, our residents have had the opportunity for seven individualized educational experiences.  One of these experiences is longitudinal and takes place over the last two years of residency.  The other six have consisted of one-month long educational blocks.  An individual going into cardiology, for example, will likely join a cardiology clinic one half-day per week for their longitudinal experience, and will do individual months in echocardiography, pediatric cardiac critical care, outpatient cardiology and other rotations to complete their concentrated educational experience.

We are excited about this graduated educational experience and it continues to allow us to produce Leaders in Pediatrics.