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Resident Advisors

The Department of Pediatrics and The University of Michigan Health System are committed to the health, well-being, and professional growth of our trainees.  We recognize that mentorship is crucial to the professional growth of residents, and we pair residents with mentors immediately when they begin training at the University of Michigan.  These “Resident Advisors” serve as advocates, career-guides and academic & personal counselors throughout residency.

Our resident advisors are experienced clinicians who have committed designated time to spend with residents on their career and personal development.  They are familiar with our academic requirements and are well-versed in guiding residents while they move towards their future career as general pediatricians or subspecialists.  Importantly, they also are committed to the emotional well-being of our residents and help our residents get through the challenges and stresses of residency training.

In addition to this long-term mentorship, residents meet regularly with the program director, Dr. Hilary Haftel or, for combined medicine-pediatric trainees, Dr. Michael Lukela.  Both are very approachable and committed to the well-being of our residents.  Between your program director and resident advisor, you will work through your career goals, find helpful faculty contacts and develop your individualized concentration pathway through residency.